A Perfect World - What does it really mean?

A perfect world is not where people laze around in the sun all day in luxury - a perfect world is where things are in balance with love of ourselves and each other as the defnining force.

The Law of Opposites makes this clear - we will never get rid of the things we don't like about this world completely - they exist so that we can appreciate and strive for what is good.  Even Jesus said that the poor would be with us always.  It's how we deal with the day to day life problems that count and how we interact with each other.  Many are too quick to judge, never having walked in the other person's shoes.

Also, many, including me, believes that our Creator (whatever we call Him/Her) will not want to know how rich we were when alive and what belongings we had, but what we did with all the resources available to us particularly FREE WILL.  It's our every day choices that makes life good or bad for ourselves and others.  If this wasn't the case then people wouldn't be able to be happy even though living in the poorest conditions around the world.  Sharing one's views is one thing - inflicting them on others with violence and hatred is completely another - no one has the right to do this.

Having a well-paying job, a lovely house in a good area is not as important as having a decent home, very little debt and a loving circle of family, friends and neighbours in a relatively stress-free and clean environment.

This is the role of government - to take the lead in setting priorities by making sure every resident has shelter, food, clothing and the opportunity to spend their time in a constructive way.  At the same time ensuring it's country's residents take responsibility for their own actions (this is what the laws are for) but helping those who are unable to do so, whether it be temporarily or permanently.

It's the right of every resident to insist on this but they also need to do their bit starting with how they live their own lives before looking outside their home.

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