Love thy neighbour? We don't even know their names

(Daily Mail, Monday, April 9, 2012)

BRITAIN is becoming an unneighbourly nation with many of us no longer knowing anything about those living next door.   A quarter of the population do not know the names of their neighbours, while more than three quarters do not know what they do for a living, a survey found.   And 3.5million peope have neer even seen the person who lives next door.  The results will add to fears that communicaty llife has broken down, with many people isolated from those that lie closest by.  More than 20 percent of respondents said they have had an argument with a neighbour in the past five years, while 3 percent said they felt threatened by them.

The survey, property website, comes less than 6 months after the Queen called on everyone in Britain to be a good neighbour to celebrate her Diamond Jubiliee. 

Samantha Baden, property analyst, said: 'People move homes more frequently than they used to so we've less time to get to know the people who live nearby.  The growth of social media has left us more likely to [stay at home] and less inclined to go out and socialise.  Knowing your neighbours can improe security and quality of life.'  Despite the bleak figures, almost a fifth of all respondents said they would like to have a better relationship with the people who live next door.

Below are just a few positive and negative articles about neighbours - do you have anything good to say???

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