Skills for Life?

A friend of mine who has had problems with the care home where her elderly parents stayed for a while, pointed out that one needed TENACITY and the ability to sift through information, sometimes conflicting, in order to get results. She sees these as "gifts" because not everyone has these abilities and often feel exhausted and frustrated going through the various complaints procedures and give up - which is why the same things continue to happen.

Whilst I love the internet and use it daily, I do think too much time and reliance is spent on using computers in businesses and organisation, as well as in schools where children, instead of learning life skills - how to handle one's finances (cashflow, budgeting, living within one's means), cooking, repairing items instead of buying new, creating things and recycling or upcycling.

For example, there seems also to be more emphasis on having uniforms with logos which are expensive instead of instead of teaching pupils how to make them.  I've just paid £5.50 for a badge to go on a £12.00 blazer!  The badge will last longer than the blazer, it's true but it's not the child who actually has to sew it on to the garment - most don't even know how to do this!

Dealing with paperwork is a skill much needed in the home and workplace.  Even more so when working from home!  If you would like some help, do contact us through our Help Desk.

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