There are still many people know nothing or very little about residents' associations or how they are run and so we set up this site to provide a central point of contact for residents and to provide information to help you set up or run your Association.  Also, most councils have information to help residents set up a residents' associations but these are usually geared up towards their tenants.

From 2002 until 2018 this website had been a project of the Good Services Bureau, a company which was limited by guarantee.  It is now purely a personal project of mine and everything I currently do is free of charge at the moment.  

Our aim has always been (in time) to have an organisation to which RAs will be proud to belong which will also to provide information for individual residents (tenants or home-owners) as well as existing Residents Associations.  We would also like to link up with other like-minded organisations and groups to encourage working together to help bring about change in a positive way. 

Over the years we were contacted by numerous RAs from all over the country with respect to some of the problems they have faced and have so far been able to help most of them out. However, we do not offer legal advice but hope to point you in the right direction via our Help Desk.   We hope we will continue to be of service to you for many more years to come and that you in turn will be effective in supporting your community too.  

All our work is done voluntarily but we would welcome more volunteers from around the UK to help with research.  The main criteria is that you speak, read and write English well and have access to a computer and telephone as we are constantly researching for information.  

You can find more information on the page About RAs but if you have any ideas or information which can be incorporated into this site, we'd be glad to hear from you.  To date we have been contacted by local councils, newspaper, people from other countries and even TV stations wanting an audience in a particular area so we know they are looking at this site. 

RAUK is a voluntary service and provided free of charge at this present time.  
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This site was updated in April 2021. Please report any broken links through our Help Desk.  Thank you

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We can't promise to fix all of your problems, but we can promise you won't have to face them alone

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This site was updated in April 2021. Please report any broken links through our Help Desk.  Thank you


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