We've lots of ideas for 2018 so if you are a Residents' Association or thinking of setting one up,
we invite you to join the Good Services Bureau so tha
t we can support you and you can support each other

We'd love to have your feedback with regard to setting up events

All our work is done on a voluntary basis but in order to be more effective we would welcome more volunteers based around the UK to help us, as at this time we have only three part-time people working on this project and loads to do.  This work might be of particular interest to you if you are unemployed or disabled and housebound most of the time.  The main criteria is that you speak, read and write English well and have access to a computer and telephone. 

Since 2002, our aim has been to provide information for individual residents (tenants or home-owners) as well as Residents Associations.  We hope we will be of service to you for many more years to come and that you in turn will be effective in supporting your community too.  We set up this site to provide a central point of contact for residents and to provide information to help you run your Association.

We have been contacted by numerous RAs from all over the country with respect to some of the problems they have faced and have so far been able to help most of them out. However, we do not offer legal advice but hope to point you in the right direction via our Help Desk.  

We are constantly researching for information and aim to provide you with guidance as governances (with policies and good practice) for your Association and to encourage working together to help to bring about change in a positive way. After all, knowledge is power and if we can help you save time and manpower in getting answers, we are pleased we can be of service. 

This site is being updated constantly and in time you will find information and links to local councils, businesses, voluntary groups and organisations, doctors, schools and more. You can find more information on the page About RAs. Of course there's lots more work to do, so if you have any ideas or information which can be incorporated into this site, we'd be glad to hear from you.  

Members of Residents' Associations can be made up of people living as follows:

- PRIVATE (Leaseholders and lessees)
- SOCIAL HOUSING (Local Council & Housing Associations)


- HOUSEHOLDERS (Freeholders)

- TENANTS (Licencees)

To date we have been contacted by local councils, newspapers and even TV stations wanting an audience in a particular area so we know they are looking at this site.