These words by John Stuart Mill - (1806-1873)style, English philosopher and economist Source: On Liberty, 1859 are particularly pertinent these days:

"We, the people, are responsible for the political institutions which control our lives and our destiny. Maintaining and improving them is our responsibility - to leave it to others is to risk our liberty and our civilisation. Only by ensuring freedom and the means to life for others can we enjoy real freedom and prosperity for ourselves. Our destiny is in our hands."

Although I am constantly updating this site with articles and information, you will find some of the articles go back a few years.  I've left them on the website simply because many are still relevant today.  You will see to the right of this page the various sections where the articles are >>>>>

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Sam Wetherell, a professional academic historian based at the University of York is currently carrying out research on urban redevelopment in Britain and touches on the rental sector. 

He is looking for volunteers to share historical material, particularly the minutes, newsletters and so on of private residents associations in high density flats and specifically interested in the period between 1970 and 1990, possibly stretching to 2000 as an absolute limit.  

All material, if cited, would be done so only with the permission of those that provide it and in that instance all sensitive material, including names, addresses and so on would be redacted. Academic publishing, unlike journalism, operates under strict ethics guidelines about anonymity of living subjects so members could share their material in confidence with me. 

Please email info at if you can
assist with this research

A fast-growing family run group campaigning on behalf of London Black Taxi drivers who are experiencing problems which have been instigated by TfL’s irresponsible issuing for Private Hire Licences.  They have found that not only the Black Taxi trade are being affected, but local residents due to minicabs parking in Resident bays waiting for their apps to alert them to a new job.   

This group has also noticed many out of London mini cabs are also joining this trend, which then obviously affects local residents.  This group would particularly like to hear from Residents’ Associations in London who would like to join them and give more power to their cause. 

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