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Sam Garton graduated from Derby University in 2005 with a BA Hons in illustration. He now spends pretty much every spare minute he has on illustration of one type or another. His current obsession is with otters, and in particular one little character he's been working on for a while..

Otter is an innocent little thing who lives with Otter Keeper, and Teddy (her loyal companion who more often than not takes the blame when things go wrong). The stories are aimed at children and adults alike. Otter's world is a confusing little place for her, and while children will empathise with some of her naivety, adults can chuckle along with Otter Keeper's frustrations at her simplistic views on life.

To find out more about Otter, and follow her stories make sure you visit
.  These works are created from original pen and pencil drawings, coloured using a mixture of traditional watercolours and digital techniques." 

How one young woman helped disabled people get around (

The Nehemiah Project is supported in the UK by LifeLine Network and their 'Better Tomorrow' project,a five year program in September 2012, established with the goal of training 600, 16-25 year old young people, across different industries, equipping them for immediate employment. 

The project has been developed to not only provide training, but micro-financing opportunities and access to employers in relevant industries through the creation of an employers consortium. There is some provision in the award for the development of a web site so, hopefully, we'll be getting something in place in the not-too-distant future. - and, in particular the Sierra Leone section at

RAUK is a Good Services Bureau Project.  We invite you to join the Good Services Bureau so that we can support you better and you can support each other.  We understand you or your RA may not be in any position to do so at this time, but please consider making a small donation towards our work. Thank you


We can't promise to fix all of your problems, but we can promise you won't have to face them alone

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