Making the texts REALLY stop

(Mail on Sunday 9th December 2012)

If you receive a spam text about PPI and want it to stop then DO NOT RESPOND IN ANY WAY, even by texting back ‘Stop’. Instead, forward the text to a number given by your network provider, which can then take action against the companies. The anti-spam numbers are:

  • O2:Forwad the message to 7726, and the network will block the number or investigate it through its Nuisance Calls Bureau.

  • Vodafone: Send the message to 87726 for its fraud department to investigate.

  • T-Mobile:Lodge a complaint on its website concerning the number that spammed you and T-Mobile will contact you back.

  • Orange/EE: Email with the message and the number that sent it and its customer services department will investigate.

  • 3:Forward the message to 27726

You can also report spam texts to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which investigates firms responsible for unsolicited SMS Marketing.

The ICO can be contacted on 0303 123 1113, or at



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