National Pensioners Convention

National Pensioners Convention



12th -14th JUNE 2018

The annual Pensioners’ Parliament is widely regarded as one of the most important activities in the pensioner movement’s calendar. There is nothing else like it in the country and over the years the event has developed a number of key roles:

·         Education – enabling people to find out new information that they can then use in their campaigning

·         Networking – offering the chance to get together, share ideas and build friendships

·         Debate – providing a forum for people to discuss ideas and have their say

·         Rally – inspiring the movement to continue its united campaign on key issues

The opportunity to build a united pensioners’ movement, under the co-ordination and leadership of the National Pensioners Convention is what the Pensioners’ Parliament is all about.  

The 2018 Pensioners’ Parliament will again take place at the Blackpool Winter Gardens from 12-14 June. Tickets are priced £10 or £5 for a day ticket. A booking form is available to download here.

You can also book accommodation for the event through Visit Blackpool here.

Last year’s Pensioners’ Parliament took place from 6-8 June 2017, in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.   A full report of the event is available to download here.


Reporter: Wendy Stokes

The National Pensioners Convention propose that every pensioner has the right to respect whilst receiving NHS or community care (which should be shared by society as a whole), the right to a £500 allowance per household to cover the high cost of fuel and should receive a state pension of £178 a week. 

Local branches are requesting membership to raise matters that affect pensioners, such as a stolen travel pass which is now difficult to replace and travel expenses incurred during the loss period are not reclaimable.  

Retired people are seeing their pensions, savings and investments eroded, the NHS has deteriorating standards of care for the elderly, and a large number of people are facing their final years in a country with serious financial difficulties caused by lack of ability to think ahead and prepare for their needs.

Sign the ‘Fair Pensions for All and Winter Fuel Allowance’ Petitions ~ Lobby your MP ~ Visit: National Pensioners Convention website:


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