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In an ideal world every one of us would have a beautiful house with a lovely garden. The reality is that many of us don't have our own purchased homes and we either have gardens that we cannot maintain because of ill-health or lack of finances, or we don't have a garden at all.

I have a huge garden and am a council tenant. Under my tenancy I have to maintain the gardens - front and back, and for me this is easier said than done. This is one of the reasons I have set up this page as I am sure I am not the only one with such a problem.

I'd love to hear from you with your suggestions of how your dealt with things and any advice. Meanwhile, I would like to contact gardens centres and such businesses to see if they will help in some way so that we can make our gardens better, not only for our own pleasure but for our neighbours too.

Lawn Maintenance Safety


We can't promise to fix all of your problems, but we can promise you won't have to face them alone

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