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Incredible Edible has nearly 50 groups across the UK and hundreds worldwide with the movement stretching from Canada to New Zealand.

Groups run independently and each is different, some with scores of members and official committees, others with small numbers of dedicated individuals. Each also has its own way of doing things - some offer members their own plots, others are run through housing associations.  However, every group under the Incredible Edible banner, shares the ethos of enriching the world around them through access to local food...more

Kissing It Better - All over the world simple ideas are transforming patients' lives

Whilst visiting hospitals across the country, Nicola Matthews and Jill Fraser of Kissing It Better found that a good idea on one ward may not even get passed on to the ward next door, let alone the wider world. And despite award ceremonies at many hospitals which recognised innovative projects, there seemed to be no mechanism which allowed those ideas to become more widely accessible more........

A Powerful Role Model and Champion for Fitness

Jack LaLanne thrived into his 90’s, in fact he died at 96 and he easily looked decades younger. He was a fitness advocate decades before the value of fitness was commonly recognized, and an anti-sugar pioneer as well.  His devotion to health, nutrition and physical fitness will be truly missed. 

As he once said, "People don't die of old age, they die of neglect" -- and he certainly lived up to this statement. Here are some words of wisdom from a great man... more

One Man's Story


The film shows the work of Dr. G.C. McGonigle  (played by Murray Metheson) medical officer of health for Stockton on Tees (1924-39) and isportrayed by dramatic reconstruction set against the streets of Stockton on Tees, with voice-over acting the part of an enquirer who follows Dr. McGonigle on his rounds and elicits information from a range of witnesses. 

Dr. McGonigle worked with Sir John Boyd-Orr on the committee to investigate malnutrition in Britain. He fought for better housing, insisting that this was no use if those who were rehoused ended up going without food in order to pay rents that were beyond their means. 

He saw the importance of compiling patients' health histories and threw himself into public health issues such as food hygiene, contact tracing in the case of disease and care of the disabled. His observation that "no diseased beef can get through the food chain if everyone's doing his job" strikes a chord with our own troubled times.  

Credits:  Written and Produced by Max Munden with the co-operation of Dt H.J. Peters, the Stockton-on Tees Medical Officer of Health. A Central Office of Information film for the Foreign Office. Notes This video was made from material preserved by the BFI National Archive - 
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Could the water you're drinking be harming your health?

Water: it makes up almost 75% of your body and is absolutely necessary for life. Water is the elixir of life- without it we cannot exist. You probably know you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of this life-giving liquid per day, but have you given serious thought to the quality of your water? The water you drink every day could be harming your health!  In the United States, we have many different options for our drinking water, but they are not all healthy...more

The 20 Smartest Foods on Earth

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Quit Smoking Community, for example, is being used by many educational and governmental organizations to better inform people about the dangers of smoking.


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