Fighting the Cancer Battle

Author: David Williams

You may not know how long you have to live. If you are older, you may worry about your finances, your job and who will take care of you when you are no longer able to care for yourself. The first thoughts in our heads are usually ones that are negative. However, this doesn\'t always have to be the case.

When you look at someone like Patrick Swayze, who recently lost his battle to pancreatic cancer, he fought his cancer with a ferocity that most of us couldn't even muster up when we are well. Rather, discovering that you have been diagnosed with cancer doesn\'t have to be a death sentence. Rather, there is ongoing research taking place that is working hard to find a cure for this disease. 

There are plenty of things that we can do on our own to help both ourselves and others in their fight against cancer.  he next time you want to get involved in the fight for a cure against cancer, look no further than your own computer screen. 

If you simply Google the term ‘cancer', there are tons of websites, blogs and support groups that show up. Additionally, there are numerous ways to get involved in the fight for a cure such as purchasing items such as designer t-shirts, jewelry or other unique products. The revenue that is generated from something as small as a silicone bracelet in support of cancer goes towards cancer research.  

Every day, we get a little closer to finding a cure for different types of cancers. What\'s even more reassuring as well as incredible is the fact that we have already found a cure for many types of different cancers already. This fact alone gives other people who have been diagnosed with cancer, hope that they, too, will one day experience the joy of living a life that is cancer free surrounded by those who love and care for them. 

By looking at cancer more objectively and showing an outpouring of support, it is the hope of many that one day cancer will be akin to nothing more than the common cold.

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