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National Association of Residents' Associations

N.O.R.A was founded in 2003 by a group of town centre residents' associations who were concerned about the local threat to their environment and needed advice on various issues.  Members come from all over England and Wales so that communication is through the internet. Members can request help from each other, which can be obtained by pooling our experience. Access to published data is via the NORA website and free to all, but only members receive an email service bringing them up-to-date information and advice on problems. New members are welcome from anywhere in the United Kingdom, and the more associations that join, the more influence we have.


N.O.R.A. exists to help other resident groups to protect and improve their environment, and its members now represent around two million residents in England and Wales. The more members that join, the more influence N.O.R.A. is likely to bring to bear on local and central government. The N.O.R.A. website provides speedy and easy access to available publications helpful to residents and is freely available to all. 

Three facilities are provided for members only:

  1. To help members find solutions to their local problems. A question is put to the Secretary, it is circulated to all members, and within a few days if there is best practice it emerges. This is sent out to the questioning member and to all members.

  2. To provide by email up-to-date information that might affect residents’ interests. This includes advising members when government publishes consultation papers relevant to residents. Members are invited to offer their comments, which are then used to design a draft response from N.O.R.A.. This is circulated for approval and further comments, so that the final response can truly represent the membership’s views. As a result of its critical yet constructive responses to government consultation papers, N.O.R.A. is recognised by several government departments as a useful voice of residents.

  3. The opportunity to represent members when N.O.R.A. is invited to attend government sponsored seminars and conferences and when organising a team of delegates to meet civil servants and politicians, when opportunities arise to influence future proposals before they are committed to paper. Emails are sent to all members inviting them to provide delegates. A N.O.R.A. team is set up each summer for its annual meeting with senior planners at the Department for Communities and Local Government to discuss problems with the changing planning system experienced by N.O.R.A. members.

If you would like to become a N.O.R.A. member, please contact 

The Secretary 

and you will be sent the necessary documentation. Kindly let them know you came through the RAUK website.

RAUK is a voluntary service and provided free of charge at this present time.  
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