The Housing Ombudsman Service is set up by law to look at complaints about the housing organisations that are registered with us. Our service is free, independent and impartial.

They resolve disputes involving the tenants and leaseholders of social landlords and our voluntary members (private landlords and letting agents who are committed to good service for their tenants). 

leaseholder is the occupier who owns the property defined in the lease for a fixed number of years.

The Home Owners Alliance champions the interests of Britain’s homeowners and aspiring homeowners, providing unbiased and practical advice as well as services you can trust whether you are buying, selling or owning your home.

Information, products and services
for flat owners and owners and residents' management companies


The Pros & Cons of having a
Leasehold Property

FPRA is a not-for-profit lease advice, support and lobbying organisation for private residential leaseholders, tenants and residents' associations, Residential Management Companies and Flat Management Companies.

They are the national voice of residents' associations and are frequently consulted by government.

Leasehold Advisory Service

This is a Non-Department Public Body (NDPB) funded by Government to provide free legal advice to leaseholders, landlords, professional advisers, managers and others on the law affecting residential leasehold in England & Wales.

Bernie Wales is a Residential Property Manager with over 35 years’ experience as a successful entrepreneur.  He focuses mainly on Leasehold Property Management  and Investment – and has founded, built and sold several companies. 

 He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors  and  a founding Fellow of the Institute of Residential Property Management.

RAUK is a voluntary service and provided free of charge at this present time.  
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This site was updated in April 2021. Please report any broken links through our Help Desk.  Thank you


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