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Lawful De jure government

de jure government is the legal, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority and control of the state

De facto government

In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority and control of the state

  • God's Law / Common Law
  • Sovereign authority(people)
  • God-given Rights

  • Unalienable Rights under God
  • Claim of Right
  • Ownership with fee simple title or contract
  • Full liability for action

  • Government based on sovereign authority

  • Organic Constitution

  • State statute that govern how officials uphold the law to protect our God-given rights
  • Electors elect independant representatives

  • Inhabitants

  • Births are recorded
  • Sovereigns breaking God's law, Government officials braking lawful statute

  • People are responsible for themselves and their own protection

  • God-given right to own, keep and bear arms
  • Intent to hurt or damage is what determines unlawfulness
  • No conflict of interest in government (prosecutors were private)
  • Courts are Constitutional
  • Sheriffs and deputies (Citizens on Patrol:COPs)
  • Search warrants must be based on affirmation of a verified criminal complaint, based on probable cause by a judge that a crime was committed and signed by a judge
  • First hand knowledge of an injured party crime

  • It's all about the facts in evidence of violation of rights or harm
  • Habeas corpus can be presented to question nature and cause of charge/arrest/being held
  • There is always an official court record

  • Consent of accused not needed to try
  • No negotiable instruments
  • Jury Nullification (juries try validity of the law, and the facts of case)
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Judicial
  • Lawsuit questioning law and facts

And there is more...

  • Admiralty (law of the sea - corporate)
  • Artificial entities (corporations)
  • Privileges + civil, natural and political rights (ie: no protected rights)
  • Inalienable civil rights (not protected)
  • Color of right
  • Color of right to possession by 'law'
  • Limited liability ponzi scheme (Social Insurance/Security)
  • Corporate governments of defacto power or pretended authority
  • Corporate Military Constitution acting on the citizen
  • Federal and State commercial code that we volunteer ourselves into
  • Voting in a two or more party corporate system
  • Citizens/residents/persons (corporate entities with diminished political status)
  • Births are registered (certificate)
  • Breaching the peace (breaching de facto gov.- straw man citizen statutory/commercial contract - basis of thought crime)
  • 'Citizens' want government to 'protect them' on a personal basis

  • Licensed privilege to have arms
  • Accidents or 'negligence' is considered a crime

  • Corporate government pays salary of judge, prosecutor and POLICE
  • All courts are in equity (corporate) acting on corporate straw men names!!!
  • Peace officers (POLICE = POLICY Enforcer)
  • Searches based on belief, warrant signed by clerk only

  • "Probable cause" to believe a 'crime' committed against corporate statute/by-laws (may or may not be an existing injured party)
  • Charges based on allegation or reason to believe
  • No Habeas corpus

  • There is often not even an official court record
  • Understanding and consent of accused needed to be prosecuted
  • Juries aren't instructed to try the law

  • Attorney at BAR
  • Quasi-judge
  • Quasi-judicial
  • "lawsuit" of facts

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