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How to set up and run a Residents Association contd.

Step by step planning list for arranging
a public meeting

To Do Tick
1 Arrange your initial planning meeting - this can be in someone's home
2 Agree an agenda for the public meeting, and arrange a date and place where the meeting will be held

3 If you have decided to invite representatives from other bodies e.g. the council - contact them and check they can attend

4 Book a venue for the meeting

5 Decide how to publicise the meeting, for example, prepare a leaflet, arrange for it to be printed, and/or prepare a poster to advertise the meeting

6 Arrange the distribution of the leaflet and/or posters (Give people at least one week's notice of the meeting)

7 Contact local newspapers or local radio stations to publicise the meeting if you think this is necessary.

8 Organise the meeting

9 Agree an agenda and check it with the person chairing the meeting

10 Check any motions to be proposed at the meeting

11 Make sure you have decided on who is going to take notes at the meeting

12 Decide who will record the names and addresses of everyone who attends the meeting

13 Arrange the distribution of the leaflet and/or posters (Give people at least one week's notice of the meeting

14 On the day - get there early and make sure the room is open and the furniture is laid out


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