We've lots of ideas for 2018 so if you are a Residents' Association or thinking of setting one up,
we invite you to join the Good Services Bureau so tha
t we can support you and you can support each other

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The words of John Stuart Mill are particularly pertinent today. 

"We, the p
eople, are responsible for the political institutions which control our lives and our destiny. Maintaining and improving them is our responsibility - to leave it to others is to risk our liberty and our civilisation. Only by ensuring freedom and the means to life for others can we enjoy real freedom and prosperity for ourselves. Our destiny is in our hands...."

John Stuart Mill -  (1806-1873) English philosopher and economist Source: On Liberty, 1859

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The Active Resident (Jan 2016)

The Active Resident (Apr-Jun 2016)

A Great Article about life in the 40's & 50's by a Tottenham Resident

More about Everyday First Aid Guide  By TPAS and the British Red Cross 

A fast-growing family run group campaigning on behalf of London Black Taxi drivers who are experiencing problems which have been instigated by TfL’s irresponsible issuing for Private Hire Licences.  They have found that not only the Black Taxi trade are being affected, but local residents due to minicabs parking in Resident bays waiting for their apps to alert them to a new job.   This group has also noticed many out of London mini cabs are also joining this trend, which then obviously affects local residents.  This group would particularly like to hear from Residents’ Associations in 

London who would like to join them and give more power to their cause. See here for more information