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Author: Alex Kent

Cleaning the windows

Keep the windows clean and you have a well lit room. Allow the windows to get dirty means that not only will the light be prevented from coming in but the outside world will not be able to be viewed with clarity.  How often this needs doing will depend on the local environment. I live in a country town away from the main roads and so there is not much dust and dirt thrown up by passing traffic. This means that once a month is sufficient to keep the sparkle. However, I was brought up in a city alongside a busy trunk road which carried lorries and buses as well as cars. The windows there needed tending each and every week. So that is the first decision that has to be made.

Cleaning the Frames

Dust and polish to keep looking fresh. Wood frames will need a polish which stop them from drying out and will also give a silken sheen. The outside will also need a preserving polish to stop the rain entering the grain. Painted frames tend to collect the dust in the corners and angles. Again polish up and remove all dust. On the outside polish will encourage the rain to run off . The modern uPVC frames are cleaned with a polish/cleaner which has been specifically produced for the job.

Cleaning the Glass

Clean the glass AFTER the frames. You don\'t want to mess up your work at the edges by doing it in the wrong order. Use a specially prepared window cleaner for ease and speed. Have a non-linting cloth to apply and polish the glass. If you use a cleaning solution in water you may wish to use a squeegee just like the experts.

Washing the Units

Apart from this regular cleaning the windows and window frames will need a good washing. Again the frequency will depend on where you live. We are all so busy these days that it is a job that is likely put off and forgotten. Schedule this for at least twice a year.

Use a good soapy solution to wash the whole units. Be prepared to keep changing the water as it gets dirty – there\'s no use washing with dirty water – you will only swirl around the muck.

Be Safe

If you are cleaning the outside and are using ladders, make sure that you take all safety precautions. Maybe the only way you can do it is to reach the outside from within each room. This also needs great care. Should you be worried about any of this then hire a professional rather than put yourself at risk.

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