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Gas and electricity companies rip us off. They get away with it because they sell something we all need - and they’re too big for each individual customer to take on.

But can you imagine if thousands of us, their customers, signed up to switch our gas and electricity companies as one group? If we all join together, we will have enough bargaining power to demand a cheaper price.

Here's how it will work:

  1. Sign up - join other 38 Degrees members to get a fair deal on gas and electricity
  2. Share it with your friends - the more of us who get involved, the stronger our bargaining position
  3. Bargain - we work with Which? experts to negotiate with gas and electricity companies
  4. Switch - If you like the deal we negotiate, switch easily online

This will be the first time British customers have joined together to bargain to get a better deal on our gas and electricity bills – sign up to be part of it here: