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The Thatcher government's Right to Buy policy was orchestrated by former Tory Housing Minister, the late Ian Gow. Daily Pickings has often referred to the revolving door between government and business which corrupts politics and serves the interests of "insiders" at the expense of the rest of us. Ian Gow's son Charles is the direct beneficiary of the right to buy scheme through ownership of 40 former council properties. The Right to Buy scheme was ostensibly hatched to create a home owning middle class which would never vote for the labour party again.

Great Tory housing shame: Third of ex-council homes now owned by rich landlords

5 Mar 2013 00:30

The son of a former Tory Housing Minister and Mrs Thatcher aide during the peak years of right-to-buy owns at least 40 ex-council property

Many former council homes are held in the investment portfolios of parasitic landlords who've not worked or created any wealth/value through their land owning activities. They collect rising rents from private tenants who have no permanent right of tenure in stark contrast to council tenants. So by sleight of hand, tenants have lost security of tenure and the public housing stock has been privatised for the benefit of the elite circle whose cronies (parents) crafted the policy in the first place.  The private capture of land value is the cheating at the core of our economic system as explained by Fred Harrison in The Traumatised Society.

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