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The Great British Property Scandal
Updated 21.10.14

Empty Homes was the official advisors of Channel 4′s The Great British Property Scandal.

The Great British Property Scandalinitially aired on the 5th & 6th December 2011, and then again on the 22nd November 2012. Architect and presenter George Clarke fronted the series which highlighted that there were high numbers of empty properties across the UK at the same time as high numbers of people inadequately housed and in search of a decent home they could afford.

Clarke argued that “the government’s plan to build new homes is not necessarily the right approach,” and suggested ‘more cost effective and efficient ways to utilize the properties that are currently lying empty.” Clarke also lobbied central government and local councils to commit to re-using empty homes across the whole of the UK...more

In 2011 there was Phil's Empty Homes Giveaway - Channel 4

In this one-off special, property expert Phil Spencer helps people
worst affected by the current housing crisis to get a roof over their head for

an opportunity to get their lives back on track

Kevin's Grand Design - Channel 4

This first episode of the two part series follows Kevin over five long years as
he sets out to prove that we can all have beautiful, affordable, eco homes for the same
 price as low cost social housing