1.      This Data Protection Policy is designed to protect your personal data.

3.       The Data Protection Officer is SUSAN HAYWARD to whom all queries and requests must be addressed. This officer is responsible for the maintenance and security of the data, and to ensure that such information is kept up-to-date and not shared with anyone else outside GSB without prior permission.

4.        Enquiries via the Help Desk

           The data acquired with enquiries through the RAUK Help Desk is kept in strict confidence.  We keep our records in date order from when you first contact us and cross reference them under the areas of the UK.  When any enquiries and answers are included in GSB newsletters, no personal details will be included.

6.        Data re. Residents’ Associations
We obtain information about residents’ associations in the UK via search engines and record them under areas, (ie. London Boroughs and Outside London) and the date each RA was formed.  We are using this information to compile a History & Directory of RAs in the UK.  We will not keep any contact information as to individual officers of each RA as these will change and will be more up to date on each RA’s own website.  When we hear of any RA without a website, we contact them direct to ask if they can be included on our list of RAs.

7.        Articles & Links about members and non-members
Prior permission to publish any articles or information about members and non-members will always be sought before publishing anything on our websites or in our newsletters.  This will also apply to links published on our websites or in our newsletters.  If any articles are written by third-parties, then the source will be published and credit given to them according to Copyright Law.

8.        Removal from our Database
If you wish to be removed from our newsletter mailing list, then please advise us in writing via the Help Desk and we will remove your details within 48 hours. 

RAUK is a voluntary service and provided free of charge at this present time.  
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This site was updated in April 2021. Please report any broken links through our Help Desk.  Thank you


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