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Resources for Residents' Associations

History of Residents' Associations
(A work in progress - started 25.1.16)

The majority of Residents' Associations were formed from the expansion of housing provision in the 1930s with the aim of bettering the lives of residents and forming a community. This tradition of forming residents groups on new developments within the borough continues today.  

Traditionally throughout the UK local councillors would stand as independents, however throughout the 20th Century it became common for councillors to be elected with a party affiliation.

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to look at others doing similar things to you.  For this purpose, we have been researching other residents’ associations around the country in the order they were formed, so do please let us know about your RA.  The following is a list of those we have researched so far:

Running a good Residents' Association

A good residents' association is often a group of tenacious people - they get things done and meet regularly to discuss housing, community or environmental matters affecting their block of flats, estate or houses.  

They also willingly share information, knowledge and skills with accountability and transparency.  They keep accurate records and make them available to their members, especially their accounts.  They certainly act democratically seeing themselves as serving their community not lauding it over residents.

Regardless of whether someone rents or owns their home, the most important thing is that people endeavour to work together to improve the physical conditions of where they live, campaign for better facilities and improve the sense of community in their area.

What affects one person (or several) can affect everyone in the block or area.  At the same time, what better way to get to know the people around you, whether it is to interact socially or prevent crimes and anti-social behaviour.   If we prefer to shut ourselves away and have less involvement in our immediate communities, everyone will suffer in the end.  
Under RAUK, we would like to set up a quality mark to ensure residents' Associations are are run well and to a high standard...more

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