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How to set up and run a Residents Association contd.

Make sure you have prepared an agenda, have agreed who will chair the meeting, and who will is make notes. It is also a good idea to agree who, as Treasurer, will look after the group's funds. The main items on the agenda are to get support to formally set up a group and to get formal agreement on who will be Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for the first year. An example agenda is given below.

Although the items discussed at the public meeting will cover issues discussed at the initial planning meeting, its main aim is to see if there is enough local support for the setting up of a group, and to agree your group's initial priorities.

The public meeting should be seen as the start of the association. Don't be disappointed if attendance at the meeting is poor. Although you may be enthusiastic and have worked hard to organise the meeting, many people will be very uncertain about whether or not to join in. It may take some time for people to become confident enough to take part, but this should happen eventually.

Anytown Residents' Association


(the following can be adapted  depending on the type of meeting and what is to be discussed)

1.  Welcome and introduction

2  Apologies

3.  Why we need a tenants' and residents' association

4. Choice of name

5.  Membership requirements and any other regulations

6. Election of a Committee


Vice Chair (if required)



7.  Plan of action

8.  Date of first meeting of the Committee

9.   Date of the next general meeting of members

10.  Any other business