history of residents' associations

The majority of Residents' Associations were formed from the expansion of housing provision in the 1930s with the aim of bettering the lives of residents and forming a community. This tradition of forming residents groups on new developments within the borough continues today.  Traditionally throughout the UK local councillors would stand as independents, however throughout the 20th Century it became common for councillors to be elected with a party affiliation.

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to look at others doing similar things to you.  For this purpose, we have been researching other residents’ associations around the country in the order they were formed, so do please let us know about your RA.  

The following is a list of those we have researched so far:

Clarendon Park Residents' Association
Ickenham Residents' Association
Heston residents' Association “to preserve our heritage and maintain an acceptable standard of environment for all residents of Heston present and future”.  We are still pursuing that objective some 88 years later with a membership of 571 households.
Raynes Park & West Barnes Residents' Association
Croxley Green Residents' Association
Old Couldon Residents' Association
West Beckenham Residents' Association (WBRA)
Loudwater Residents' Association
Willowhayne Residents' Association
Heathfield Residents' Association
RioCross Residents' Association
Sherland Road Residents' Association

This is a work in progress .....


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