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We believe that those who provide services or products to others should be held more accountable to UK Residents if providing a poor service and praised if providing a good one.  Hence our surveys.  We will not share any personal information you provide to anyone outside the Good Services Bureau unless we have your prior permission.

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“A well-functioning local government helps support a well-functioning local community'

Functions of local government -
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Residentsassociations are organisations formed by groups of people from a specific geographic community who come together to address issues within their local area and act as a voice for their local community. In one form or another they have existed since the mid nineteenth century.

We are compiling information for our Directory and would appreciate receiving some feedback from you if you already run a Residents' Association, please click here.

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We are constantly working on improving our website, so your feedback is valuable to us - many thanks to everyone who has responded to date


We can't promise to fix all of your problems, but we can promise you won't have to face them alone

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We invite you to join the Good Services Bureau so that we can support you better and you can support each other.  We understand you or your RA may not be in any position to do so at this time, 

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