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The Tenants' Voice

Your tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme offers a free dispute resolution service if you disagree with your landlord about how much deposit should be returned.  You don't have to use the service but if you do, both you and the landlord have to agree to it.  You'll both be asked to provide evidence, and the decision made about your deposit will be final.

If you can’t contact the landlord
You can ‘raise a dispute’ to get your deposit back if you can’t contact your landlord and your deposit is held by one of the approved TDP schemes... more...  
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Articles for Council Tenants


·   Tenant Services Authority

·   Are you worried about losing your Council Home?

·   What to include in a letter to Council opposing planning

·   The Affordable Housing Con - London Tenants Federation has just published a comprehensive analysis of the ‘affordable housing con’ which its members say has been a key component of a ploy by politicians and policy makers to hide how unaffordable housing is in London and how much we need more social-rented homes.  The Affordable Housing Con PDF

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Your Rights to Health & Safety: A Guide For Tenants & Their Home

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Tenancy Deposit Protection
If there's a dispute over a deposit

The Ultimate Tenant
Protection Guide

The Renters' MoneySaving

Renting Rights (Scotland)

Tenant Empowerment Organisation
Tenants and landlords working together to build great communities